Filisiadis v Maroush Restaurants

Mr Filisiadis, who was trained as a firearms accredited close protection officer, came to London to work in the growing private security industry after a period of time in the Greek armed forces.

Late at night on the 20th September 2010 as he was accompanying a client collecting monies from restaurants in the marble arch area he noticed a man running towards him and his client. He alerted his client to the threat, and placed his client behind him. Without warning or provocation the assailant pulled out a knife and began to attack him, all the while trying to reach his client who was carrying a large amount of cash on his person.  Using his body as a shield, Mr Filisiadis forced his client into the restaurant they were collecting from, fought off the attacker and made sure the area was safe before entering the restaurant. It was only then that he realised he had been stabbed multiple times and had lost part of his left index finger. He collapsed shortly after due to blood loss. His assailant was never caught.

Mr Filisiadis brought a claim for breach of the duty of care owed to him by his employer on the basis that there had been a number of similar attacks in the area previously, and that  steps which should have been taken to reduce the risk of attack (such as using a vehicle to collect monies) were not implemented. He sought compensation for the scarring, post-traumatic stress disorder and limitation in his left index finger (which in his case was his dominant hand and trigger finger) caused as a result of the attack.

On the 29th July 2014 his case came to a conclusion with the parties reaching a settlement at Court.

Mr Filisiadis was represented by Liam Ryan instructed by Mr Mark Fowler of Broadgate Legal.

31st July 2014