Direct public access

Barristers at Ely Place Chambers are qualified to accept instructions from members of the public under the Direct Public Access scheme. They can give specialist legal advice, draft legal documents and provide representation at Courts and Tribunals.

In the right cases, instructing a barrister direct can represent a significant cost saving over acting through solicitors, and can provide the specialist legal advice which litigants in person need when conducting their own cases.

If you are interested in instructing any member of Ely Place Chambers on a direct access basis, please submit an enquiry using the Direct Access Enquiry Form, or alternatively contact the clerks. They can assist you in choosing the barrister best qualified to advise in your case. You will be quoted a fee for the work, which will be either on an hourly rate or fixed-fee basis. There will be a written agreement between you and the barrister concerned, setting out what is expected by both parties. You will also need to provide some proof of identity in order to comply with money laundering regulations.

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