Ely Place silk: £1m summary judgment and freezer against former football club owner

Last Thursday in the High Court Nicholas Stewart QC obtained a £1,000,000 summary judgment for repayment of a loan by former Watford FC owner Laurence Bassini. Nicholas’s clients Mr Giacomo Russo and his brother Mr Vincent Russo claim through their company a total of £4.8m against Mr Bassini. Part of the claim is now heading for trial but Mr Justice Mackay has ruled against Mr Bassini on his contention that a loan of £959,500 was not to him personally but to the football club. The judgment against Mr Bassini for that loan and costs means that Mr Bassini will now have to pay £1m+ to the claimants, whatever happens at trial on other issues. The judge also imposed a freezing order on Mr Bassini’s assets up to £1m. See news story in the Watford Observer.

25th March 2013