Employment Tribunal rules ethical veganism is a philosophical belief

Employment Judge Postle sitting at Norwich Employment Tribunal has today ruled that the belief of ethical veganism is protected under the Equality Act 2010. Ethical veganism is a protected characteristic.

Mr Casamitjana was employed as a zoologist by the League Against Cruel Sports. He had been subject to the disciplinary policy and subsequently dismissed for gross misconduct. He had been Head of Policy and Research but had disclosed his concerns that its pension fund invested in companies that tested on animals. He claims that because of his ‘whistleblowing’ and his belief in ethical veganism that he was dismissed.

The decision today was a summary judgment and the full reasons are yet to be delivered.

The case was the first of a two part employment tribunal claim. The disciplinary process and the dismissal will be heard at a later hearing.

EJ Postle in his short summary judgment ruled that ethical veganism satisfies the tests required for it to be a philosophical belief including being worthy of respect in a democratic society, not being incompatible with human dignity and not conflicting with the fundamental rights of others and  that ethical vegans are entitled to protection from discrimination.

3rd January 2020