Sports Direct International PLC v Rangers International FC PLC

Sports Direct International today asked for the permission of the Court to discontinue its action against RIFC. Having failed in its earlier attempt to commit RIFC’s Chairman, Mr Dave King, to prison [2016] EWHC 85 (Ch) and having had its claim for damages struck out: [2016] EWHC 184 (Ch), SDI had persisted in seeking an injunction to restrain RIFC from communicating information, including matters that were in the public domain or were required to correct any false or misleading statements that SDI might make. That trial was due to begin on Monday 8 February.

RIFC resisted an unconditional discontinuance and argued that SDI should only be given permission to discontinue if it accepted certain conditions including the ability of RIFC to refer to public domain information and a mechanism for addressing false or misleading statements. The Judge (Peter Smith J) agreed that those conditions were appropriate and SDI accepted them.

The Judge then granted SDI permission to discontinue the action, discharged the interim injunction obtained in June 2015 and ordered that SDI pay RIFC’s costs of the action.

William McCormick QC and Ali Reza Sinai, instructed by Ryan Mowatt of Kingsley Napley LLP represented RIFC.