Verdict of unlawful killing in the inquest into death of Alexander Monson in Mombasa

Today at Mombasa the Chief Magistrate delivered a judgment in the inquest into the death of Alexander Monson.  Alexander died as a result of blunt force trauma to the head whilst detained in Diani Police Station in May 2012.  His family have fought for 6 years to established that his death was the result of the actions of police officers and have for the last 3 years argued for that result in legal proceedings at the High Court.

The verdict today was that Alexander was unlawfully killed and it recommended that at least 4 named police officers stationed at Diani Police Station be prosecuted in relation to Alexander’s death.  This represents a complete vindication for Alexander’s family and an important step in establishing accountability for police actions in Kenya.

The verdict of unlawfully killing was delivered notwithstanding submissions on behalf of the Kenyan Independent Police Oversight Authority that such a verdict could not be supported.

Iain Daniels has been assisting the family and its Kenyan lawyers throughout the inquest.